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Privacy Policy


Information we keep about you: WBNS 97.1 FM (RadiOhio, Incorporated) respects the privacy of visitors to our Web site. We do not sell the e-mail addresses, names, street addresses or interests information about the users of our services. If you have participated online in any of our features by giving us your e-mail address, Mix 97.1 periodically will send you promotional and breaking-news e-mails.

Your identity will not be revealed to advertisers and marketers unless you respond directly to their offers and provide your information.

We use standard web server log files to track the use of certain features of our pages. All accesses to Mix 97.1 web servers are recorded by software on our web server platform. Your IP address, file accessed and time of access are recorded. This is done to correlate users’ interests and our services, to determine how we can improve our services and to allow us to better determine which of our services will be of value to you. Your usage on our site is not revealed to third parties.

Electronic mail to staff members and departments: Staff members at WBNS-FM and Mix 97.1 have broad discretion as to the handling of mail sent to their individual accounts. The company reserves the right to track or record such correspondence when circumstances warrant. Electronic mail sent to departments within WBNS-FM is handled at the department’s discretion. We do not have a policy of sharing contents of e-mail with any other entities. However, we reserve the right to disclose such correspondence as necessary to protect the company’s legal interests.